More Kiwis have been seriously injured by the vaccine than by Covid

For many years Medsafe NZ has kept a database of reports of suspected reactions to vaccines. This one of its primary jobs, and it uses this data as an indicator of vaccine safety. This wasn't controversial. But for the covid vaccine, we have reports like this where Medsafe says the data they publish should not be used as a safety indicator. Despite this being the entire purpose of the database.

Note that this is not a database of post-vaccination deaths and injuries, as implied in the article, but of injuries and deaths that are suspected to have been caused by vaccines. Yes it's likely that some of these deaths and injuries were coincidental. However it should be noted that it's impossible to demonstrate a reaction definitely was caused by a vaccine; this correlative data is the best we have at the statistical level – which is why it is kept.

As of January 31st (the most recent report), Medsafe recorded 2,447 reports of suspected serious adverse reactions to the Pfizer covid vaccine. These include deaths, life-threatening injuries and permanent serious disabilities.

Of the 147 deaths, Medsafe says two were myocarditis likely caused by the vaccine (heart inflammation is a known common side-effect). It says 60 are "unlikely related" and the rest are either still under investigation or unknown.

Two and a half thousand serious injuries is a lot, but there were over ten million doses administered, so it is not a high rate. But neither does covid itself have a high rate of serious injuries and deaths. So let's compare.

As of January 31st, the Ministry of Health reported a total of 762 people had been hospitalised with covid (including deaths, of which there were 53). Note that this includes anyone in hospital who tested positive for covid; not people who were in hospital because of covid. It even includes a man who was shot to death. We don't have a statistic for people hospitalised for covid. No reason has ever been given for this strange methodology, except that it is apparently WHO policy. It surely makes the recording process easy; but it's obviously counterproductive if you're actually trying to measure the harm of covid. The point is, that 762 number is highly inflated. The number of people who were in ICU with covid (still not necessarily there because of covid) is 66. This latter number is probably a much better comparison to the 2,447 with life-threatening vaccine injuries.

So to begin with it's quite possible that more Kiwis have been killed by the vaccine than by covid.

Further, according to this data, 37 times more Kiwis were suspected of having been seriously injured or killed by the vaccine, than had ever been in ICU with covid. Or 3.2 times more than had been in hospital with covid.

I would be very surprised if the actual number of vaccine injured isn't far higher than indicated by the Medsafe data, because most doctors are in denial about the dangers of the vaccine, having been told over and over that it is safe (despite the lack of actual safety checks, to the point of illegality), and because no-one had access to Pfizer's actual trial results. So in most cases they do not report vaccine reactions when they should. And even before covid, Medsafe estimated only 5% of adverse events are reported. But even ignoring all that, the data is very concerning.

This doesn't necessarily mean the vaccine is worse than the disease – though at this stage it's almost certainly counterproductive – that's another argument. What it does mean is it's certainly not safe.

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Unfortunately for this discussion, for some reason this year Medsafe has gotten very behind on its reporting. Last year it published reports two weeks after the date. The most recent report is now almost six weeks old.

Since January, the number of reported hospitalisations has skyrocketed and as of yesterday was 2,160; but there were only 5 more in ICU for a total of 71. This is an early indicator in keeping with overseas experience that Omicron is drastically less dangerous, and that hospitals are stressed not by the danger of covid, but by covid policy. It should be clear to everyone that the policy is anti-science: hospitals are now choosing workers who are currently testing positive for covid, instead of covid-negative workers who are unvaccinated. It also means the number of life-threatening vaccine reactions has almost certainly continued to increase faster than the number of life-threatening covid reactions.


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