Ongoing attempts to divide Team New Zealand

Only 28% of Kiwis think the country is headed in the right direction — a record low. Only 18% think economic conditions will be better in a year. There are many reasons why, such as the rapidly increasing cost of living and major problems in healthcare, housing, and crime. But there's a reason underlying all these: a Government that has failed to deliver on its key promises and that is open about its lack of concern for measuring its performance. A Government that has spent in unprecedented fashion and with unprecedented wastage. A Government that is increasingly ignoring democratic process and the voice of the people. The most disruptive example was its  establishment of the underclass under the vaccine mandate; but it is attempting to do something more permanent with its "Three Waters" laws. Here are three articles summarizing what's going on: The Five Waters coup The "Three Waters" infrastructure reform appears to be a Tainui coup for control of the c

More Kiwis have been seriously injured by the vaccine than by covid

For many years Medsafe NZ has kept a database of reports of suspected reactions to vaccines. This one of its primary jobs, and it uses this data as an indicator of vaccine safety. This wasn't controversial. But for the covid vaccine, we have  reports like this  where an anonymous Ministry of Health spokesperson stresses that this data should not be used as a safety indicator. Despite this being the entire purpose of the database. Note that this is not a database of post-vaccination deaths and injuries, as implied in the article, but of injuries and deaths that are suspected to have been caused by vaccines. Yes it's likely that some of these deaths and injuries were coincidental. However it should be noted that it's impossible to demonstrate a reaction definitely was caused by a vaccine; this correlative data is the best we have at the statistical level – which is why it is kept. As of January 31st (the most recent report), Medsafe recorded 2,447 reports of suspected s

Rebuilding Team New Zealand: Waking up

I have written so much about the occupation of Parliament grounds, and not published it. Things moved so fast. But it was better to be involved than just write. I don't expect opposition to listen to any of this, so great is the ideological divide. Most refuse to read anything I write on the subject (and many unfollowed me before the protest began). This divide is the result of people doing exactly that: refusing to listen. The other side of the story is like water off a duck's back, not to be indulged for an instant. Camp Freedom, as many called it, was a safe, beautiful, and inspiring place. If you saw no evidence of that it is most likely because you weren't offered any and didn't care to investigate for yourself. Or because you don't believe such a thing is possible. If there is anyone apart from obvious mainstream media who actually visited in person and still thought it was a place filled with by abusive or filthy people, or white supremacists, as said by our

The end of Team New Zealand

After tomorrow our government splits New Zealand in two along political, religious, and marginalised lines. And the conditions of that split have already escalated out of control. Two months ago  experts said domestic vaccine passports were unlikely; now they're practically everywhere, far beyond government orders, let alone the law. If this were the last blog post I ever made, it would be enough. Though I have so much to say about all this, I've said little, because I've been so discouraged since the first lockdown. I thought New Zealand believed in equality and non-discrimination. Turns out it was — in the vast majority of Kiwis — nothing but lip-service. I know most people don't understand why strict limits on power are necessary. What's happening now may make some realise - but most aren't even aware of what's happening now, which is what this post is for. Going by historical precedents, most still won't understand until it's far too late. But w

The most official international sources undermine our covid narrative

Last week official sources confirmed two of the main things I've said about the COVID-19 pandemic since we entered level 4 lockdown in March: 1. COVID-19 has a similar fatality rate to influenza: The World Health Organization (indirectly, putting their own numbers together - see note for sources and discussion) 2. The effect of lockdowns will be disastrous for increasing inequality: The World Bank . The other main thing I said, but that the WHO and governments who enacted lockdowns have every incentive to never admit, is that lockdowns were always out of place. They were out of place from the perspective of the actual deadliness of the disease (as opposed to the media hype), and out of place from the perspective of healthcare economics. In other words, that lockdowns were a policy born of fear (and political calculation) more than proceeding from healthcare calculation. Governments had essentially already determined an acceptable level of risk regarding flu, as well as other illnes

Plastic bag hate: Environmentalism and virtue signalling

The photo above shows the marketing campaign for plastic bag alternatives that confronted me, directly inside the doors at my local Countdown supermarket. It raises an obvious question: if these bags are being replaced for free, do they really have less environmental impact than plastic ones? Common sense reasons that since they’re selling for a dollar with a low profit margin, as opposed to given away free, the cost is far higher - at least a hundred times higher. Indeed common sense based on prices is supported by the experts. Using less plastic looks good, like you're doing something helpful - but you're probably not. Usually, contrary to the common belief, going out of your way to use less plastic bags is bad for the environment: 1. Plastic pollution is not a significant problem in countries with good waste disposal. 2. A UK government study showed that in order for one of those cotton carry bags to have less environmental impact than plastic bags, it has to be used 131